June Prive 24 Clear It Topbox

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So this month I picked the Topbox Clear It Top box 

here’s what I have received :


Great full size products as expected from seeing the march topbox with this in it.

Sadly no mask, Which I reallllllllllllly wanted to try as I love the Proactive Refining Mask.

I have tried this a few times now.  The cleanser seems a bit less gritty if i was going to compare this to proactive.

But in all honestly this whole system reminds of that product. That isn’t a bad thing if you enjoy the proactive line.

I mean granted I’ve only used this a few times and I have used proactive line before.

I SWEAR by the proactive mask (hence wanting to try this one)

The ingredients are on par mostly between the 2 products.

Proactive  and 24 Clear it both use 

benzoyl peroxide

Salicylic acid

Sulfur (in the Mask)

Which leads t me to wonder is this just Proactive re branded?

It sure has the same stuff and likely (haven’t tried it enough but i’m going to guess ) works the same way

I think i will be giving this one to my daughter to try as well as she needs this more than myself.




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  1. Hi Amber! It is too bad you didn’t receive the mask. We currently have a promo code which gives you free shipping on all purchases on our website!
    The promo code is: 4FREESHIP
    You should really try the mask, the feedback has been phenomenal. I think you will like it and this promo code is the perfect opportunity to try it. We hope yourself and your daughter enjoy the products. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback, our team of Skin Care Advisors are here to help over the phone or by email.
    Have a great day!

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