Julep NYE Sale Part Two By Denise

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Julep NYE Sale Part Two By Denise

My second shipment came!

 Julep NYE Sale Part Two By Denise

Now, I completely forgot about this box. I thought that I only ordered nail polish from the sale but apparently not!


I figured out that all of the boxes from the sales will have a sample size of the pedi creme, a little Julep company card and a promotion card for first time Mavens.


The three things. I don’t think it’s wasteful because this adds a nice touch to my shipment. It’s not just “here, you got the stuff you ordered, that is all”. Plus, I get to have something to give to my friends when I’m introducing Julep to them!


This is what I ordered! I love love LOVE Julep’s Acetone-free nail polish remover. Another nail polish blogger was raving about how she bought ten of these removers from the sale because they were so great. That’s why I decided to buy two more bottles of this fantastic product! I got it for really cheap. I think it was around $6.99 a bottle? Plus, there was free shipping and no tax! As oppose to what most people think about acetone-free nail polish removers, Julep’s remover really works on plain nail polish. Like most polish removers, you will need to put some energy into removing glitter polish. However, I don’t put on glitter polish that often so I am really content with this! It doesn’t have such a strong smell and it also doesn’t sting if it comes in contact with an open wound on my finger tips. Also, it comes with a pump! This is really useful and important for me because I am very clumsy and this prevents me from spilling nail polish remover everywhere! I don’t think I will buy any other nail polish remover other than Juleps! Haha 🙂

Stay cheerful and stay beautiful <3

Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money. This blog post is not sponsored.



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