Julep NYE Sale Part One! By Denise

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Julep NYE Sale Part One! By Denise


As you can probably tell, I was super excited when I saw this in my mailbox. I wasn’t home for the whole day and when I was finally back around midnight, I saw this lovely “gem” in the box! It made my day! Ok, I think I should get on with it. I believe you are all waiting to see what I got! Also, this is part one of three shipments from Julep from the NYE sale they had.


It came in a long Julep box. I think we all know what that is!!



I opened it and saw this lovely green ribbon. On the box there was a Julep intro card with a coupon code “INTROTWO”. If you want two FREE colours with your first Julep Maven Box, then simply put in the coupon code and wait for your lovely box to arrive! Also, there was a sample of the Best Pedi Creme Ever! in the box as well.

20130115_214819 20130115_214825

The lovely packaging. I love how much detail goes into these boxes. Even if you only ordered one polish, they still put a lot of effort into making it pretty!


I took the green ribbon off and took my product out of the white box it came in. It’s so pretty! The box was so cold though. Well given that it has been out in zero degrees for the whole day!


Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready for the surprise???


Ta-da! I received my Gem Collection!


It’s so pretty don’t you think???

20130115_215031 20130115_215041

Flash and no flash.


Mila, Gayle, Barbara, Viola


Amber, Vivien, Scarlett, Heather

(I already have Vivien and Heather so I am planning to gift those!)


Hailee, Colbie, Donna, Carly

I am so happy right now!

 I got this Gem Collection for $28 at the sale and I am so happy that I got it in time! The box that these polishes came in was very well made and sleek. As I mentioned above, I am always delighted to see the little details that Julep puts into wrapping and sending their products to us Mavens! I don’t know any other subscription services or online shopping companies who are willing to spend more time into making us more happy than we are already are from receiving packages in the mail! Apart from Gayle not wrapped, all the other polishes were wrapped. I don’t really know why it was unwrapped but I guess it was part of an older batch of Julep polishes. Nonetheless, polish is polish, it doesn’t go bad. I will swatch all these polishes when all my Julep orders have arrived!

If you would like to become a Julep Maven, click on this link, sign up, take the quiz and don’t forget to put in the coupon code for an extra two FREE nail polishes in your first box!

Stay cheerful and stay pretty <3

Disclaimer: All products were paid by myself. This blog post is not sponsored.



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Enjoy <3



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