Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment Review By Denise

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Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment Review By Denise

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment Review!

I received this in my February Classic with a Twist box along with two polishes and a Freedom Topcoat.

Let’s get on with the review 🙂


This is how the treatment is packaged.


The directions and ingredients.


Just like their nail polishes, it comes in a sleek glass bottle.


I love how the sides are decorated with “O2″s (oxygen).

Here are my clean, untreated nails.

20130221_222634 20130221_222644

The tips of my nails are quite weak, there are noticeable cracks and peels.

The colour of my nails are somewhat yellow-ish.

20130221_223052 20130221_223100

After applying one coat of the treatment.

The treatment is quite thick. It leaves a pink milky glaze and a glossy shine on my nails. However, it has a stinky smell to it. I thought that because it was a treatment, it wouldn’t have that generic nail polish smell.

20130223_112934 20130223_113008

Five days after the first application, I noticed that my nails have been stronger and less bendable.

However, the nails are still yellow.

20130223_154919 20130223_154928

I decided to cut my nails on that same day and test it’s “growing strength”.

I applied a second layer to my nails as well.

  20130228_113219 20130228_113230

Day eight from the initial application, three days from the second layer.

20130302_170303 20130302_170311

Day ten and I removed the treatment.

I didn’t notice any improvement of nail growth but I will keep on applying this whenever I don’t have polish on my nails. The nails were not as brittle and I did notice a significant increase of strength in my nails. The colour stayed relatively the same but the yellow-ness was not as pigmented as before.

I do like having this treatment on. It feels very nice. However, there was not a quick noticeable change but who really think that there is such a product out there? I will keep on applying this whenever I don’t feel like putting colour on my nails. I would like to purchase a couple more bottles to give to my friends 🙂

Stay cheerful and stay beautiful <3

Disclaimer: I bought this treatment with my own money. This blog post is not sponsored.
All of the opinions are my own.



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  1. This actually made my nails split and chip more.. :/

    • 🙁 I guess it’s not for everybody 🙁 I’m so sorry to hear that…

  2. agreed with Aleks, I wore it for 3 days now and 2 fingers split and totally flaked off.. which i had to cut, my nails are below nubbins so sad 🙁
    I don’t think oxygen treatment is to promote growth so i don’t think i would notice a difference.. i am going to try it long term to see when my nails actually grow if it’s weaker / strong

    • Oh my goodness… I’m so sorry that that happened! I’m glad that my nails reacted positively with it… I didn’t expect it to have such a negative impact with some of the girls!

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