January Regular Topbox with Add On

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January Regular Topbox with Add On

Ups and downs to my box.

Down missing an Item listed.. .. and I was so excited.

Up My add on is pretty good!

So here’s what I got:


Benefit Cosmetics

The POREfessional

22ml =$36 — Trial size is 3ml =$4.91

I haven’t tried this yet I don’t have huge pores but will give it a try ! IMG_5306


Elixir Ultime Imperial Tea

125ml =$54 — Trial size 3ml =$1.30

 Had this before in a box its ok but such a little sample.IMG_5305


Belvada Cosmetics

coloured tweezers

Full size $5

 My favorite item I love pink , and can always use nice tweezers they work pretty well.

I do love the texture of them!!

Mind you I could have bought just these and paid $5 without the rest in my topbox and been happy.

I’m missing a whole item. I was suppose to get Boxx Cosmetics – Lipshine -Braith

But I have no idea how big this would have been . As I never got it.

With out the item i’m missing



Value -$17.42  (lets hope I get the item, that value isn’t great)

as for the




Milk made – Nourishing Bath & Shower Bubbles


Value -$22.00 – Paid $10

Love , Love , LOVE , LOVE my add on!!!

Big huge bottle of CAKE who wouldn’t love it!





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