January 2013 Glymm Bag By Denise

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January 2013 Glymm Bag By Denise

January 2013 Glymm Bag


My first Glymm bag of the year arrived this morning (finally) after being two and half weeks late. Needless to say, I was not happy about it since this bag also holds what was missing from my December bag. This is my second last bag so I’ll just pretend to be impressed. Haha.


A little sneak. What are those things?


Here are the products. If the December products weren’t there… I don’t even know how I will react to this.

Let’s go to the December products first.


This is Suncoat’s nail polish remover for their own water-based nail polishes.

Now I have a slight problem. I don’t even have their nail polishes… Glymm, why would you send this to me? This is useless for me. It won’t work on regular nail polishes so I guess I’ll give it to my friend who actually uses water based polishes.


This is a lip/eye liner from Glamorous. It’s a nice deep green colour with gold microshimmers.


I will only use this on my eyes. Not my lips. No green lips for me.

Now onto the January bag.


I got two packets of LA Fresh travel facial cleansing wipes. I loved their nail polish remover wipes so I think I’m going to enjoy these.


Lashem’s tiniest mascara ever. I opened it and I don’t even know if there’s any product in it.

On the right is a lavender firming serum. It looks extremely sketchy.


Coolway’s strength booster. Apparently you’re suppose to use it as a conditioner 2-3 times a week. I’m looking forward to using this. I like hair samples in this kind of packaging. Foil samples are way too flimsy and annoying to use.


The product sheet.

If you haven’t noticed my lack-of-enthusiasm tone in this post, I will tell you now that I’m fed up and done with Glymm. The February bag will be my last bag. Apart from the price hike and horrible service and products, Glymm’s new policies for their online shop and rewards program has been more than annoying. However, I do like the bag’s colour for this month and hopefully February’s bag will be adorable. But for now, it’s time to say goodbye.

Stay cheerful (lol) and stay beautiful <3

Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money. This review is based on my own opinions.
This blog post is not sponsored.



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  1. I didn’t realize that the polish remover was for water based only. I’m in the same boat as you! i also received it with my Jan bag, talk about disappointing – waiting a whole month on a forgotten product that you can’t use.

    • Exactly… I try not to sound so negative in my blog posts but I couldn’t help myself… If you give out samples.. at least let them be useful. It’s kinda like forcing me to buy the nail polishes in order to use my sample. =\

  2. ha ha or a Coolway System to get the best out of your conditioner sample (oops Serum sample) 😉
    I think your review was honest. I’m stuck for another 10 months so I’m hoping that there’s better to come.

    • I hope that they one-up their game!! With the price increase and the decrease of product quality AND quantity.. they really have to improve themselves to attract their customers back

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