January 2013 Beauty Box Five- By Denise

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January 2013 Beauty Box Five

My First Beauty Box Five!

This is another beauty box subscription but they offer less well known brands and the pricing is definitely better than most boxes. OK, I don’t know that much about the box so let’s dig in!


The box is the most adorable thing ever! It’s much smaller than other beauty boxes.


Opened up. I love the design and texture of the cards. It’s very cute.



Here are the cards. The top one is for the Pencil Me In Company and the bottom is BB5’s product card for the month.


Inside, all the products are in this cute drawstring baggie and it sits on a pile of crinkly paper.


These are the five products which I have received for the month of January!


First thing is this Pencil Me In eye liner in a nude colour. It’s creamy, rich and it doesn’t smudge that easily so it’s great. I can’t wait to wear this and incorporate it into my daily make up routine!


Second in the box is this lovely lip liner in pomegranate. Like the eye liner, it’s creamy and rich in colour. It’s pretty moisturizing too which I find is a bonus because most lip liners that I encounter are pretty dry.


Lastly, I received this buffing brush for mineral make up! I think this is offered to first time BB5 subscribers. So far, there was no shedding and the bristles are extremely soft.


I did not take pictures or review the perfume or the brush because I didn’t like the perfume stick and the blush was already shown in one of my Topbox boxes 🙂

Anyways, I liked this month’s BB5. It gave me a chance to try products which I would have never thought of trying. Only thing that concerned me is that the liners closely resembles the products found in dollar stores. No saying that all dollar store products are bad but I have found most make up products to contain ingredients which have a higher level of toxicity in it. As with all my other make up, high end as well, I will test these products on my skin to see if it raises any problems. If they do, I will immediately post it on this website. Hope you’ve enjoyed my blog post and shine on!

If you’re interested in joining BB5, here is my referral link. I bought the 3 month subscription which is $30 and they offer free shipping. In the end, it ends up to be $10 a month which I think is affordable. All the prices are listed on the BB5 website so browse around!

Stay cheerful and stay beautiful <3


Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own money. This blog post is not sponsored.



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  1. The Modelco Lip Liner actually retails for $14.95 and Pencil Me in eyeliners at $6.99. They each have their own website, and are soooo far from being dollar store brands. I love that both liners are made from natural ingredients. Really happy with BB5 January box. Can’t wait for the Feb box! 🙂

    • I can’t wait for February’s box as well! I love love LOVE Valentines! (although I have never spent it with anyone special, I still love all the hearts and pink and stuff associated with it haha) I’m so weird xD

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