Gen beauty – Day 2 Haul and complete Haul /swag

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This is my 2nd day haul from GenBeauty  . Isn’t much as I hit most of them in the first day .

Was dissapointed to get the same moda brush AND Covergirl Pout as in the swag bag 🙁 .

Thank goodness day 1 made up for day 2.



This is the total Haul for both days

This is apx $700 or more of samples not including the foil packages or headband , tiny glam glow sample !

And I didn’t bother with the IGK stinky hairspray sample though it was a good size .


SO i’d say well worth the ticket price!!


Things I wish they had that I didn’t get would be:

nail file and maybe a polish

some stacks

Make up bag


Thankfully Glamglow had water . (even if they kept running out of samples the first day)

What did you get differently ?

I know that essence had a chance to win multiple items . I didn’t luck out!




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