My January Glymm Bag

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My January Glymm Bag By Sanaa

My January Glymm Bag

Another month, another Glymm bag. Initially, I was super excited to get my Glymm subscription. It was one of the most reasonably priced ones out there and the brands were definitely luxe and well sized. However, as time went on, I found myself less and less excited to get this sub, and in December I finally bit the bullet and cancelled. As a result, this will be my final Glymm bag.


You can infer how excited I was about this bag by how few pictures I took of it.
In order, here is what I received:

1. La Fresh Facial Cleansing Wipes (2):

Nothing to write home about, but happy to have these on hand as I will be travelling in March and they will be useful for that.

2. 360 Skincare Lavender Mint Firming Serum:

2nd smallest smaple size imaginable (see next sample) and kind of smells like something my grandmother would wear if she was an English lady. I don’t mean this in an offensive way at all, but lavender and lemon aren’t really go to Indian scents.

3. Lashem Double Trouble Mascara:

Could this sample BE any smaller? I doubt I’m even going to try this – not even worth the effort of opening the tube to see if there’s any product in there.

4. Coolway Boost Serum:

The only thing in this bag that I’m semi looking forward to using. I always like to try new things for my hair (because there’s SO much of it!), so getting this made me somewhat less angry at how bad this month’s bag was.

All in all, I was pretty disappointed with this month’s VERY LIGHT bag. While I’ve been with Glymm, the sample sizes have gone from being a healthy size to almost laughable. This month, I felt like the bag was as light as the last postcard I received in the mail. Additionally, Glymm’s delivery was delayed this month (by 2 weeks) due to the fact that they were waiting for one of their samples. It was certainly not an ideal situation for a subscription that seems to be losing subscribers.

Oh, and they’ve also now raised their prices to $15/month! What!??! I was originally with Glymm when they were $10/month, so they honoured that price through their first price increase to $12/month. However, I don’t think anyone but those subscribed for a year are immune from the latest increase to $15/month. My verdict: so glad I’m done. I don’t think I could do another month like this.

Did you get Glymm last month? What did you think? I’d love to hear!





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