Elle Fall 2013 Beauty Box Review By Amber

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Elle fall 2013 Beauty Box Review

So I was lucky enough to snag a Elle Fall Beauty Box

This was a free beauty box from Elle Canada


and here is what was inside


Let me start with saying I would not pay for this if this wasn’t free and I’m not sure if they are doing this free one time or if this will be a on going thing or possibly testing the waters? who knows?

But for FREE  sure Why not I haven’t tried a few of these products

(this reminds me very much of the brandsampler  except less in it with a prettier box)

on to the contents

Coupons but they are Buy something get something free 


We will see if  I end up needing this stuff or not

Crest 3D Whitestrip 


Had these before but I do like them I never however leave them on that long or it hurts my teeth!!

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex



Haven’t tried this will have to give it a go

Pantene Expert Collection- AgeDefy

10ml each = 20

IMG_4236Fights the 7 signs of aging hair (If this works I need a VAT full)

Haven’t tried this yet will definitely give this a go.

Covergirl Clump Crusher



Have not tried this one by covergirl yet either

So I guess there is lots of new things to try!! I wonder if this will be on going or not ?

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  1. Not too impressed with coupons, so those products may or may not be tried. Absolutely loved the pantene products and have searched around my town to source them out. Mascara will be my new best. However the tear droop size of oil of olay. I’m sure great for young unwrinkled skin, not so for mature life lines.

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