Outside The Box: Beauty Box 5 – July Edition By Fran

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Outside The Box: Beauty Box 5 – July Edition

Beauty Box 5 - July

Beauty Box 5 – July

I subscribe to an assortment of subscription boxes and Beauty Box 5 is one of them. The price point ($12 plus free shipping/deals for quarterly/annual subscriptions) is reasonable for a monthly sampler but historically, it’s not usually loaded with deluxe samples, more of the pouch/packet variety. This box however, was a nice surprise.

First up a Foot Smoother by Every Beauty. It’s a dual sided dermabrasion sponge that removes rough, dry skin from feet, elbows, knees and can be used wet or dry. Looks very cool and I’m looking forward to giving my heels a once over. The value on this item is $8.99.

Aviary Photo_130205267177077687

Another full size item in the box is the Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss in All Dolled Up. It has a super pretty sparkle and claims sheer to full coverage in a few coats. Not sure about the ‘sticky’ factor, will need to use it a few times first.  The colour is quite nice in the tube, will have to see how it translates in wear. The gloss is listed as $14.00.

Be A Bombshell

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but I’m addicted to nail polish. I do my nails every day, sometimes more than once a day, so having Nail Polish Remover Wipes from Jean Pierre Cosmetics ($3.99/10 – they’ve only included 2 which puts the value at about $.80) will be a fantastic addition to my travel collection. The little packets will be much easier than packing a small bottle of remover (and risking a spill). They’re acetone free and contain vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5. Will definitely report back after use and let you know how well they remove polish and how moisturizing they actually are.

I’ve received a lot of LA Fresh products in a lot of other subscription boxes and I’m always glad when I do. They have a great line of convenient products that work really well. The Travel Lite Antibacterial Wipes  ($1.99/8) will be handy to have in my handbag. They’re biodegradable and claim to kill 99.9% of germs while conditioning your hands. Obviously I can’t test the germ kill claim but as long as they don’t dry out my hands or smell nasty, they should be a win.


No beauty box is complete without the ceremonial teeny tiny facial moisturizer sample. The Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment from H20 Plus is packed with hydrating marine botanicals and multi-vitamins to replenish and plump. The treatment boasts time-released ingredients to keep your skin looking fresh all day long. This will obviously be something I’ll have to road-test. Nothing like using a moisturizer at 7am only to feel dry and cracky-faced by noon.  The “all-day-long” claims are always interesting and I’ve been hard-pressed to find a lot that live up to that claim. But…I won’t know until I try! The price for the Hydrating Treatment is $36.00 for 1.7 oz. so for the included sample size tube it works out to just over $5.

H20 Hydrating Treatment

Also in this months box is a coupon code for $10 off at My Name Necklace.  I admittedly, had never heard of this site but will definitely check it out.  There are lots of super-cute pieces; necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants etc. in an assortments of metals/materials starting at $19.95. Regular World-Wide shipping is FREE! , expedited shipping options do cost you a bit however.  I will probably end up using this coupon, since some of the pieces look nice and it would be a nice little addition to my necklace collection.  If I do, I will report back on quality and turnaround time.

There you have it, the contents of my latest Beauty Box 5.  It’s actually a  nice little box this month, the last few have been decent, so maybe they’re getting into the game. The whole point of these boxes is to try out things that you normally wouldn’t buy for yourself or have access too.  So maybe I’m expecting too much, but for the price point BB5 is hanging in there and is definitely a keeper. This month’s box value is just over $ 30 ($40 if you include the coupon code at $10). Not ear screechingly amazing but nice. All of the items are useable and it was nice to have 3 full size items in the box (anti-bac wipes, gloss, foot smoother).

This month the BB5 Beauty Box is: Frantastic, for what it is; a lower priced beauty box that includes occasional full-sized items.

Until next time 🙂



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