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Their dedicated, have their own style and love to write about experiences within the beauty box industry. Backing up their writing with great photos, gives you a better view of what you can expect in the beauty products.


Hello My name is Amber. I am the instigator of this blog!I am Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario. I love beauty products, cosmetics, potions and lotions. And love to swap with girls from other countries to try new things. I also love traveling and warm sunny beaches. Passions are Beauty supplies, Scuba Diving in warm places, learning about other cultures, photography, shopping of course and languages. – CANADA
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Hello! My name is Denise and I’m currently a university student living in Canada who loves to play around with beauty and well-being products. I always look for the best deal and
love to tell others about it! – CANADA
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I study naturopathy which is basically natural medicine so I’m All for natural and healthy lifestyle! hope I can give you some helpful tips here. On the watch for high quality -cruelty free- harmful chemicals free makeup and skin care-though I still find myself lusting after luxurious brands…enjoy! – ISRAEL
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A Brazilian living in Japan. Things couldn’t go more opposite than that! Loves to listen music, party with friends and with strangers. Passionate about art, photography, languages, stationery and cosmetics specially skin care. Always looking for the funny side of things. – JAPAN
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Hello beauties! I’m Steph and I’m  a self proclaimed cosmetics collector. If it’s on the “it list” for the season, chances are I’ve got it, or at the very least I’ve tried it. No stranger to today’s economic woes…I’ve broadened my horizons to include both the high end and the dupes whenever possible. My hobbies include travel, spin, skiing and diving.  CANADA